Hull was announced the winner of UK City of Culture 2017 in 2013. The award is given every four years to a city that demonstrates the belief in the transformational power of culture.

To deliver on this promise, Hull City Council set up Hull UK City of Culture 2017 as an independent company and charitable trust. The team are working hard to plan and deliver 365 days of transformative cultural activity in 2017.

The arts and cultural programme for the year will celebrate the unique character of the city, its people, history and geography. In 2017, the programme will run from 1 Jan to 31 Dec. This year will be split into four seasons, each with something distinctive, intriguing and created to challenge and thrill.

We will work with the artists of Hull and celebrate the culture of the city and its place in the wider cultural offer of the North, and make Hull a cultural destination for must-see events. Young people are at the heart of the programme – it is this group who will inherit the longer-term benefits as a result of our focus around Education and Skills. We will give every young person of school age the opportunity to participate in 2017 as well as engage 4,000 volunteers to help deliver the year.

Hull 2017 are seeking partnerships with public and private funders, trusts and foundations, businesses and individuals to help us to achieve our fundraising target of at least £18million and to deliver a transformational year in 2017.

Working with businesses and organisations who want to help us, we will make Hull a better place for the people who live and work here, in particular those who have a presence in Hull or a connection to the city, and an interest in being here for the long haul.

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