• Vegetarian.
  •   Avoid it if you don’t like hot food.

Something Different

Lambs Liver

    • £9.95

Served with mashed potato, garden peas and onion gravy

Ottoman Lamb Casserole

    • £9.95

Tender pieces of lamb and mushrooms in a tomato sauce, served with pilau rice and salad

Chicken Curry

    • £9.75

Chinese style chicken curry with egg fried rice or chips

Lamb Moussaka

    • £9.95

Aubergine and potato with minced lamb and courgette. Topped with Bechamel sauce, served with chips and salad


    • £9.95

Succulent mince in layers of pasta, topped with Bechamel sauce, served with chips and salad

Steak Pie

    • £9.95

Chef's homemade filling with a puff pastry lid, served with chips and peas

Lemon Thyme Chicken

    • £10.45

Marinated with butter, lemon and garlic. Served with creamed risotto rice and sun dried tomatoes

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