This is our most popular dishes and meals that is often ordered by our customers, you can try it if you are not sure what to have and feeling a bit adventurous.

  • Vegetarian.
  •   Avoid it if you don’t like hot food.

Large Breakfast

    • £7.75

2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 bacon rashers, tomato, beans, hash brown, mushrooms, served with toast

Eggs Benedict

    • £6.95

2 Bacon rashers, 2 poached eggs served on a toasted muffin in hollandaise sauce

Cleopatra Omelette

    • £9.45

Small prawns asparagus and garlic

Three Cheese Omelette

    • £8.95

Cheddar, mozzarella and Parmesan  

Veggie Medley Omelette

    • £8.95

Peppers, tomato, mushrooms, parsley, onion and peas with cheese

Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce Baguette

    • £8.95

Served with chips, salad and coleslaw

Penne Pollo Funghi Penne Pasta

    • £9.45

Served with mushroom and chicken in a creamy garlic sauce

Lamb Chops

    • £11.95

Served with mint sauce, chips and salad

Lemon Thyme Chicken

    • £10.45

Marinated with butter, lemon and garlic. Served with creamed risotto rice and sun dried tomatoes

Salmon Fillet

    • £12.50

Grilled salmon with asparagus, new potatoes, spring onion, garden peas, cherry tomatoes and served with a garlic and red pesto sauce

Chargrilled Halloumi

    • £4.90

Served with a salad garnish and sundried tomato pesto 

Garlic Bread

    • £3.95

Apple Pie

    • £4.95

Classic Prawn Cocktail

    • £5.75

Succulent prawns in a delicious homemade Marie Rose sauce, served with granary bread

Pan Fried King Prawns

    • £5.95

in chili and garlic with ciabatta

BBQ Chicken Wings

    • £4.50

Served with a salad garnish and a choice of aioli, pipi-Piri or tzatziki sauce

Marinated Lamb Skewers

    • £5.50

Served with a salad garnish and a choice of aioli, mint or tzatziki sauce

Flame Grilled Marinated Chicken Skewer

    • £5.25

Served with a salad garnish and aioli

Grilled Sliced Chorizo

    • £5.25

Served with chilli chickpeas And red onions.

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